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Hiring Restaurant Employees

What Should You Look For When Hiring Restaurant Employees?

Hiring restaurant employees can sometimes be difficult, and if you are not sure what you are looking for, you might find yourself confused about the entire process. Since there is such a high turnaround rate in the industry, it is important that you take every precaution while still ensuring you are not asking any illegal questions. With the right methods in place, you can make the best decisions.

The Interview Process

As any Boston restaurant attorney can tell you, it is important that you pay close attention when dealing with the interview process and take care not to use any language that might be classified as discriminatory. When phrasing your interview questions, you must make sure to avoid any potentially illegal questions, which could include asking about:

  • Age: In restaurants, there are some minimum age requirements, so you can ask if they are old enough. Otherwise, you cannot ask for a specific age.
  • Family Status: You are not allowed to ask if they are married, have kids, or anything about their sexual orientation. If these might seem important, try developing questions that might reveal limitations.
  • Racial and Ethnic Background: This should never really impact the job, so just don’t ask it.
  • Religion: As with the racial or ethnic background, this is a topic that must be avoided.
  • Disabilities: If the job might require them to lift up to X amount of pounds or be on their feet for X amount of hours, you can ask this, but you cannot ask specifically about any disabilities they might have.

While in the interview, what you should focus on is their actual experience and whether they can adequately explain that during the interview.

Making the Final Decision

The key to finding good restaurant employees really starts with the interview process. Ask them about specific scenarios and see how they would respond. Delve into their past experience and find out what responsibilities they have had in the past. This can help save a lot of time down the road, as you will screen out many of the short-term employees.

Since restaurants already have one of the highest turnarounds of any business, it is important that you always do your best when hiring. By following a set process, you can best ensure that you are getting consistent and reliable people, which will help your restaurant offer the best and most consistent service. When you find that you have questions about the hiring process for your restaurant employees, or when you face any difficult restaurant legal questions, contact Lewis Sassoon of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.


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