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Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, is a Boston-based law firm designed to meet the legal needs of businesses, owners and investors in New England and around the world. We offer a wide range of services to help you address issues and resolve conflicts and disputes at every stage of your business’s growth, from business set-up through exit planning and sale. At Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, you’ll work directly with a senior team of creative-thinking legal professionals who will deliver solutions promptly and cost-effectively.

Lean, responsive and nimble

As business owners ourselves, we know what it takes to run a growing organization. We’re deliberately lean—we hire only attorneys who are top of their game. With years of experience, they’re quick to learn your business, and find the best solutions for you. We keep an open mind, are always on the lookout for changes impacting your business, and find ways to proactively respond.

Change mavens

Growing businesses are always in the thick of change: they expand and evolve; face new competitors; adapt to technology; respond to customer needs and economic conditions. Taking advantage of change and avoiding its pitfalls requires careful, informed decision-making.

We provide legal services to help you deal with a wide range of change-related issues, from acquisition to restructuring, from personal investment to retirement.

Goldilocks was right.

Unlike big law firms, where you may find yourself paying a lot for their overhead, and still not receiving the kind of attention you need, or small firms, whose experience, resources and services may be quite limited, at Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, you’ll get exactly what you want: top-notch talent, a comprehensive set of services, creative thinking and integrated solutions—all delivered with speed and efficiency.

You’ll be in good company.

Over the years, we’ve worked with quite a broad range of businesses. Here are a few examples of the diverse industries and situations where we’ve helped clients succeed:

  • In a dispute over ownership of a successful $1 billion food services company, we represented a minority shareholder, and through complex litigation negotiated a favorable settlement.
  • Working with a restaurant founder, we set up an agreement with investors, handled purchase of their first location, negotiated the lease, and sought permits and liquor license. Based on the success of our initial work, the founder turned to us for help expanding to new locations employing 150+ people, and for guidance on regulatory, employment and business issues affecting the business.
  • We represented an Argentinian investor who was acquiring multi-family and commercial property in the US. We advised on international tax treaties, structured the investor’s business ownership in Massachusetts, and handled financing, leasing, and property management issues related to the investor’s Boston-area properties.
  • In a successful bankruptcy reorganization, we represented the CEO, defeating claims of tax authorities from several states who sought to hold the CEO personally liable for the company’s unpaid sales and use tax.

Our peers recognize us.

Founded in 2002, Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, has a “Preeminent” Rating from Martindale Hubbell, recognizing us for delivering the highest level of professional skill, integrity and excellence in the nation.

We’re globally connected.

Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, is part of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), an international network of closely associated law firms that helps us advance the interests of our US clients on global business matters in major commercial centers throughout the world.

As part of LAW, we provide legal counsel to businesses and individuals from outside the US who are interested in investing or doing business here.

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