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Non Compete Agreement

Is a Non-Compete Agreement Enough?

Non Compete Agreement

With such a competitive business atmosphere today, many employers are finding it more difficult to protect all of their systems. A non-compete agreement was designed to ensure that all of your information and systems remained confidential while ensuring that your employees could not simply leave and take a chunk of your business with them. The question is, when more sensitive matters are concerned, is a non-compete enough?

What Are Your Options?

Most often, a non-compete agreement is used by a business to ensure that you can protect a trade secret from being revealed. Keeping something as a trade secret is often the best way to go, especially if it is not something that can be easily duplicated. By locking in employees to confidentiality and keeping it as a trade secret, you can ensure that your systems remain in-house. Alternatively, you could consider getting a patent for your invention, which would make a non-compete agreement unnecessary.

The disadvantage with this is that a patent only protects an invention for a set period of time. Many stick with trade secrets for this reason, ensuring they maintain an advantage for many years to come. Ultimately, those unsure of which method is best should consult with a Boston business attorney and get a professional opinion.

Giving Your Business the Best Protection

Of course, non-competes are not simply used to protect trade secrets. Sometimes, a non-compete is simply required because you do not want a former employee to go out on his or her own and start taking customers away from you. In this way, you can help ensure employee loyalty, and prevent your best people from leaving to take a job elsewhere.

Naturally, the best way to avoid someone violating a non-compete is to keep open communication with your employees and listen when they want to talk. If your top producer asks for a raise because he feels unappreciated, remember that the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend your non-compete is probably more than it will cost to offer the raise.

When you find that you have questions about how to protect your business interests and wish to consult with a Boston business attorney on ways to ensure you get the best protection, contact Jeffrey Cymrot of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.


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